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UC Davis on iTunes U

UC Davis on iTunes U

UC Davis on iTunes U: Copyright guidelines

Learn about UC Davis’ guidelines and processes for ensuring that your media recordings published via UC Davis Web sites, iTunes U, YouTube and similar sites comply with copyright laws and policies.


Under UC policy, you are responsible for making sure the content of your webcast, audio file or podcast complies with copyright law.  You also must make sure individuals who are in the recording understand how it will be used.

Everyone in the recording who could be identified must sign a consent form before the recording can be put online by UC Davis. It is unnecessary to include individuals who ask occasional short questions, such as in a course lecture or talk.

For legal purposes, UC Davis requires that your unit keep these forms for seven years after the material is no longer available on the Web. (Note: The bottom signature section for a UC witness should be signed by someone who sees the individual sign the form.)

Rules of thumb for intellectual property concerns and copyright law

Types of copyrighted materials you might encounter include:

  1. literary works such as texts
  2. musical works, including any accompanying words
  3. dramatic works, including any accompanying music
  4. pantomimes and choreography
  5. pictorial, graphic and sculptural works
  6. motion pictures and other audiovisual works
  7. sound recordings and
  8. architectural works.

If you plan to use one of the above types of media that you suspect might be copyrighted for which you are unable to obtain permission to use, please keep a log of approximate time-code(s), and a brief description of the material(s) in question and submit the log to IET Academic Technology Services along with the recording medium (tape, hard disc drive, flash memory card). 

IET Academic Technology Services will remove the material from the podcast file. Important note: You will have to pay to have copyrighted sections “scrubbed” — or removed — before your media recording can be used online or on YouTube or iTunes U.


The UC Board of Regents owns the copyright to all audio or video files offered through UC Davis iTunes U, YouTube or similar sites. This does not include the actual contents of the audio or video files; copyright ownership of the contents comes from federal law and UC policy.

Removal of content

A media recording that UC Davis reasonably believes violates intellectual property law or policy — or for which UC Davis receives a Digital Millennium Copyright Act notification will be removed from the UC Davis iTunes U Web site.


Podcasts or webcasts may be available for individual licensing. For more information read about using copyright-protected materials in the UC Davis Policy and Procedure Manual, Chapter 250-03.)

More information

For more information on copyright management, contact , UC Davis’ intellectual property licensing officer.