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UC Davis on iTunes U

UC Davis on iTunes U

UC Davis on iTunes U: Publishing your content

For members of the UC Davis’ campus community, publishing content to UC Davis on iTunes U is straightforward and easy.

What does it cost?

Submission to UC Davis on iTunes U is free for recordings in these formats: MP3, Quicktime, Windows Media or H.264. Older formats such as Real Media will have to be converted. Contact IET Academic Technology Services for assistance.

What are the requirements and procedures?

Step 1 – Collect and keep the consent of those being recorded

Everyone in the recording who could be identified must sign a consent form before the recording can be put online by UC Davis. It is unnecessary to include individuals who ask occasional short questions, such as in a course lecture or talk.

For legal purposes, UC Davis requires that your unit keep these forms for seven years after the material is no longer available on the Web. (Note: The bottom signature section for a UC witness should be signed by someone who sees the individual sign the form.)

Step 2 – Obtain copyright clearances

Any material in your audio or video file not created by your speaker(s) is likely to be protected by copyright belonging to someone else.

Step 3 – Submit your content via our online form

Provide information about your recording using our online form. You will be asked a number of questions that will provide data for populating the Web site: title, speaker, keywords, choice of categories, etc. You will also upload your audio and video files to a staging area.

Two categories for submissions exist. One is for individual, independent audio or video submissions, called “tracks.” The second is for “albums,” or series of recordings that are groups and are managed together. Albums can include academic courses or non-course series (such as a speaker series) that include multiple lectures or events that take place over time.

To allow you to add, access and manage your iTunes U content over time, you will be given an account. You may also designate another UC Davis person to upload and manage your iTunes U content.

Your submission will be reviewed and approved as quickly as possible, usually within several days, then published to the UC Davis on iTunes U site for public access.

STEP 4 – Unique album covers

University Communications will design album covers to visually distinguish series content within iTunes. To discuss a custom album cover for your iTunes U contents (such as a distinguished speaker series), please contact .

Send your questions and concerns to .